Mendhi designs

As Ramadan is just about to end and Eid-ul-fitr is right around corner . Everyone is ready to say goodbye to Ramdan and also preparing their dresses , accessories and pampering themselves to have a glowing skin on Eid there’s one thing that is manda tory for some girls to get on Chand Raat which is called as Mendhi as well as Henna. They can’t imagine celebrating their Eid without getting mendhi on their hands . So there and some designs that are trendy , quirky as well as simple that are going to be on wishlist of many girls . Enjoy and Advance Eid Mubarak.

Yellow t-shirt

As summer is here atleast in Pakistan bright colours really seems to attract our eye’s. Last year addition of a yellow accessory to ones outfit was a big trend but this year yellow t-shirt, scrunchies, trousers and much more like bandana’s everything is in trend. But to me yellow t-shirts really seems to be the middle of attention . They not only give your outfit a freshness but also look really nice on every skin tone . Here are some of the t-shirts designs that you can find easily at h&m, outfilters, limelight, eBay and any website or store in your town.

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As EID is around corner so today we are going to be talking about jhumka’s. They are a type of earings that refleet the Mughal era back in the 19’s . They are so versatile that you can wear them on not only daily basis but also on an event . If you love South Asain culture you must need to get your hands on some classic pair of jhumka’s. They are available in every shape, size, colour and type. Here are some ideas that what kind of jhumka’s you can get easily in market . Enjoy.

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